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Thursday, December 17, 2009

And Then...

Hey Peeps! Sorry for the disappearing act yesterday, but by the time I got home my cold had turned into something that was kicking my butt. I managed to make dinner for the girls, eat dinner with them and then we were ALL in bed by 8:00pm. Instead of giving you all the details of yesterday I'm going to show you how the day went.

Secret Santa

Work... Then Lunch

Lunch was pretty random because I had been craving a baked sweet potato. So I baked one at home, and packed it for my lunch. In a seperate container I packed some brown sugar, walnuts and craisins to put on top. But (dummy me) I forgot the second container so had to come up with something else to put on top of my super yummy baked sweet potato. I ended up making a veggie burger and then putting leftover steamed veggies with cheese on top of the whole thing. My cold was getting pretty bad by this point so if it didn't taste good I didn't realize it. :D

Work ended (thankfully) then Snack

Dinner with the girls

Something Sweet

Then off to bed...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Today has been a pretty go, go, go kind of day. First I slept a long time last night, but still felt pretty bad when I woke up. Luckily I got to sleep in a little bit because Jason's last final was at 7:30 this morning so it was my job to get the girls to school. No biggie. We slept in a little, got showers and then had breakfast together. It was actually quite nice despite the fact that I felt like my face was going to explode!
I made us oatmeal to share. Regan's got a little apple butter. Linsey opted for leftover biscuits with cinnamon sugar and they both had an applesauce. My oatmeal had sunflower butter, apple butter and a broken up ginger snap from the cookie party last weekend. It was really yummy.

Once I got Linsey to school Regan and I went to school. I got her dropped off at her classroom and got to work. The day wasn't too bad and by then my medicine had started to do it's job. I got the last 'secret' gift from my Secret Santa and tomorrow we reveal who we are...

I have to say that I have the BEST Secret Santa!!
Three larabars in one week!!!

Once lunch rolled around I was pretty hungry because my bowl of Sunday oats was smaller than usual since I gave up some of it to Regan. Today was a leftover day. I warmed up the last two pieces of veggie pizza and had a cutie to amp up my vitamin C intake. Some very bad person brought a cake in for everyone and when I walked by (after waiting most of the day to go to the bathroom JUST so I wouldn't see it) there was ONE piece left. ONE PIECE!!! And it was a can they do that to me?! So, I took it and ate it with pleasure. It was a small piece and I only ate one of my cuties so I didn't feel that guilty.


I was hungry for my snack earlier than normal today probably because my lunch wasn't really all that good for me or all that filling. So I had my Secret Santa gift along with a small bottle of orange juice. I'm determined to kick this cold.

I finished out the day in Regan's classroom. Today's weather was surprisingly nice for this late in December and the kids were having a ball playing outside. I couldn't stand to tear Regan away from her friends or outside time so we hung out a little longer.
Once we got home I did a week's worth of dirty dishes and now we're just hanging out waiting for Jason to come home so we can have dinner. I'm really ready for the weekend this week...


ktbwood said...

i love that you put your veggie burger on top of your sweet tater! yum!

RealFitMama said...

Surprisingly it was super yummy!

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