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Sunday, December 13, 2009

After the cookies are all gone...

Hey Guys!
Let me tell you a quick snippet about the '5 Holas' Cookie Party! The Holahan's are our dear friends and their kids are friends with our kids and so on and so forth. We are part of a little 'group' or whatever you want to call us who have kids (all the oldest ones) in the same grade at the same elementary school. We have been friends for quite a few years now and spend quite a bit of time together in different capacities at different times, but when we can ALL come together it's loud and rowdy and fun. Tonight's party was our 'group' which consisted of us, the Barnes', the Pomranka's and the Holahan's (lovingly known as the 5 Holas now because there are 5 of them) plus a TON of other people and their kids some we knew and some we didn't. It's just a fun couple of hours of chatting, eating cookies, fruit and drinking coffee while the kids run around and destroy the kids will often do. :)
I was very well behaved because the spread was huge (sadly NOT photographed) but I stuck to a couple pieces of fruit, one cracker with cheese and my choice of three cookies (two were the smae one cause it was that good) and that was it. I mostly talked with the people there and tried to make sure Regan didn't get knocked down the stairs or run over by the older boys. Good times!

Jason, John and Regina enjoying some conversation and coffee. They weren't really interested in being photographed so i just snapped while they ignored me. :)

Jeff is enjoying his coffee and trying to look distinguished. He's also super proud of himself because he didn't eat one thing the entire time we were at the party. GOOD JOB JEFF!

Jen really didn't want to be photographed, but she was a good sport and put on a silly smile while talking to Jeff.  She indulged in enough cookies for the both of them I think. Love ya Jen!

Regan only ate one or two cookies I think because she was too busy playing with all the new toys at someone else's house. Linsey was off with the big girls all evening so we didn't see her until she came down at the end of the party and told us she thought she was going to throw up. Talk about ending a party on an abrupt low note. We left immediately and she is currently vegged out in our bed.

This is my indulgence for the evening. The m & m cookie was a little hard for my taste so I didn't eat the whole thing,but I loved every bite of the Trader Joe's peppermint bark. Somehoe I can't get away from Trader Joe's stuff no matter where I go.

Now I need to make a little dinner for me and the girls. Jason is out studying and doing the laundry. I'll be back later tonight with the Sunday Segment. Get ready people. I'm on the rampage tonight!!


ktbwood said...

those cookies look soo good! and the peppermint bark. LOVE peppermint bark.. i bet trader joes is awesome

RealFitMama said...

I am officially IN LOVE with TJ's. I am kind of a grocery store snob since finding it about 6 years ago. I highly recommend it if you have one near you.

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