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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Night...

Good evening...
Hi Everybody. How's 2010 treating you so far?? :)
Today has been a stay in the pj's and get everything ready to leave the city kind of day.
Olivia went home this afternoon and we all kind of lounged around for a while. We had some lunch which basically consisted of things that we either needed to eat or would end up throwing away tomorrow. I had left over veggies & dill dip and a few cheese pizza rolls...not real yummy, but it didn't get thrown away. After that I had one of our homemade Cinnamon Streusel Banana Nut Bread Muffins. YUM!

After lunch we started packing the suitcases. Linsey & I are going to share my sister's big suitcase and Jason & Regan will share our big suitcase. While packing we realized that we needed to get some last minute laundry done before the trip so Jason took it all down the street to the laundry mat to get it finished while the girls and I stayed at home and played.
We decided to watch a movie while snuggling up on the couch. Linsey picked Finding Nemo which is one of my favorites! Eventually Linsey took over the couch, Regan wanted her own chair and the dogs even joined in the lounging by piling up together in front of the couch.

Jason and I decided that since we had a kitchen FULL of dirty dishes and won't be home except for breakfast tomorrow - ordering pizza for dinner was the best option. Our refrigerator is basically emptied out as much as it needs to be except for the breakfast food for tomorrow so I ordered pizza to be delivered at the same time he would get back with the laundry. It worked out that he walked in the door about ten minutes after the pizza guy left.
We have started a new tradition of dining by candlelight for dinner whenever we're all home so that's what we did...Domino's (and more of last night veggies) by candlelight. :D

After dinner we knew that avoiding the dishes could go on no longer so we tag teamed this mess...

That's a LOT of dirty dishes and we don't have a dishwasher. I guess tonight's cardio is washing dishes! Jason and I passed the time (while the girls played in the living room) by playing a game called BOMB. It's kind of like horse, but with movies and movie star names. Jason says an actor/actress and I have to name a movie they are in then he has to name an actor/actress in that movie and so on. If you mess up or can't think of anything you get a letter and the first one to spell BOMB is the loser. It's more fun with more people, but it works just fine with the two of us - especially since I ALWAYS win and it's the ONLY game that I always win when playing against him.
We finished the dishes...

and found this in the living room...

Apparently she had a bit too much New Years Eve and couldn't hold out past 9:00. Once the camera came out Regan showed me just how 'not sleepy' she really was by jumping and bouncing and laughing and trying so hard to walk Linsey up.

They were both in bed about fifteen minutes later!
Now Jason and I will be in bed about fifteen minutes from now. We still have lots to get done tomorrow AND we're having Christmas with his family. Whew!
Good night.
Sleep tight.
Don't let the bed bugs bite...


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